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One company brings it all together for the first time: retro co.

Owners and Founders - Chaz Hatfield & Yvonne von Berg

We’re proudly the first to bring together three unstoppable trends and offer their transformative benefits to the masses: proven skincare technology suitable for use in the home, the connecting, collaborative benefits of social sharing, the life-changing, liberating power of entrepreneurship.

The innovators behind retro co. are founders Chaz Hatfield and Yvonne von Berg. Since earning their MBAs at the prestigious IE Business School in Madrid, they’ve seen the convergence of these trends occur during their deep dive into the skincare and haircare industry.  While their businesses have empowered millions of consumers to live beautifully, and have created hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, they’ve seen the industry experience some huge shifts.

Skincare technology has evolved with massive momentum, but making that technology mainstream and affordable for the consumer has not. In working with providers of skincare tech over the past several years, Chaz and Yvonne saw that any personal-use devices offered in the market were sold at premium prices that were hard to justify.  The only alternatives were high-end professional treatments, which included office visit costs and one-time treatment fees. “We saw a huge gap in what was being offered,” say Chaz. The result was a niche, distant, and foreign market, out of reach for most consumers. 

People also choose their skincare differently now. “It was obvious the retail experience was going through a massive change. We see the results of that change today- what’s on the store shelves doesn’t matter as much to consumers as what their friends are talking about. The experts people trust most are their friends,” says Chaz. “The scientist in the lab coat just isn’t doing it for us these days. Our friends’ experiences, good, bad, or ugly, are what most often drives our choices.” 

And people don’t shop like they did even just 10 years ago. “Because social sharing is changing the way people learn about and purchase new products, we knew we had to investigate different options to bring our brand to market. The social commerce model used in direct selling quickly became the route we knew we needed to pursue,” Yvonne says. 

 We’re chasing big dreams. Help us chase them.